4 July 2011

EAA 2011 Paper

Just a quick note to inform those who might be interested: I will be giving a paper at the European Association of Archaeologists annual meeting in Oslo this September. The tentative title is "Rethinking the Pompeian House: A Functional Model"; it's currently situated in the 2nd General Session (devoted solely to classical archaeology, I believe). This paper is essentially the culmination of some ideas that have been floating around my head for a while now. I've been troubled by the over-reliance on the architectural/textual models that have long provided the foundation for the study of houses at Pompeii for some time, and, utilizing my data in concordance with recent artefactual analyses, have been toying with some new techniques that may allow for a reconsideration of the use of domestic space from a functional (rather than aesthetic/architectural) perspective. 

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