26 October 2013

University of Edinburgh Lunchtime Seminars

On November 19 at 1 PM, I will be giving a short lecture discussing the relationship between permeable boundaries and levels of access in Pompeian houses. The talk is part of the Roman and Late Antique Archaeology Seminar Series, a collection of monthly seminars intended to promote and enhance dialogue between University of Edinburgh scholars that have an interest in the archaeology of the Roman and Late Antique world. The 2013-2014 schedule is as follows:

15 October | Prof. Jim Crow
New cities in late antiquity: an antidote to decline and fall
19 November | Dr. Taylor Lauritsen
An "open door" policy? Reassessing access to the Pompeian house
21 January | Dr. Fraser Hunter
Late Roman silver and the barbarian world - ongoing work on the Traprain Treasure 
25 February | Dr. Candace Rice
Coastal Cilicia between Rome and Constantinople 
25 March | Dr. Ben Russell
The Roman art market from Republic to Empire: texts and shipwreck evidence
29 April | Dr. Ine Jacobs
A time for prayer and a time for pleasure: Christianity's struggle with the secular world 

All seminars are held at 1 PM in the Meadows Lecture Theatre, Doorway 4, Teviot Place. 

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