3 January 2012

New Year's News and Notes

After another work-filled few months, I think that I've got enough news to justify a blog update. Things that are happening at the moment: 

1. TRAC 2012 Poster: I'm putting together a poster summarizing my work on the Casa del Menandro model for TRAC 2012 in Frankfurt. The poster will focus on the techniques used to construct the model as well as the results of this process; particular attention will be given to role that boundaries played in negotiating the relationship between "public" and "private" space within the house.

 2. Classical Urbanism: I am, once again, teaching a course on ancient cities through the University of Edinburgh's Open Studies program. The course begins on January 16th, and registration is open through the 14th. More information is available here.

3. The Form and Function of Boundaries in the Campanian House: This paper, which synthesizes some of the data from the DOPAHP's second phase, will be included in the forthcoming book Privata Luxuria: Towards an Archaeology of Intimacy, edited by Anna Anguissola. The volume should be available in the spring/early summer. 

As work on the dissertation continues, I suspect that there will be less need to update the blog (unless readers show a strong desire to proof my chapters). However, I'll do my best to provide relevant information as it becomes available. And to my friends and colleagues heading to the AIA Conference this weekend I'll see you in Philadelphia!

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