29 March 2012

Modeling Menander: Reconstructing Boundaries in the Casa del Menandro at Pompeii

Additional materials for the poster that I am presenting at RAC/TRAC 2012 can be found below, including a much improved video of the Casa del Menandro boundary model. Since the model was originally completed in October, I have added some important architectural features, most noticeably the second storey of the main dining room (this is the facade looming above the peristyle's eastern, or left, ambulatory). I have also increased the resolution significantly and included the boundaries in this version, creating a fly-through that more closely represents the appearance of the house in antiquity (albeit still missing a number of crucial elements). A PDF of the poster itself is available for download here; additional comparative images of the house are also included below.

Atrium and peristyle from fauces

 Atrium, northeast corner

 Peristyle, eastern range

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